Author: 19pick

Cast Iron Grave Marker

  This cast iron grave marker has exquisite detail.   Finding a piece like this makes my job the best job in the world.     Cast iron was popular to use for grave markers during the 1800s. It was relatively inexpensive and durable.   Click on the photograph to enlarge it so you can really see it.   Click… Read more →

America: The Story of Us

  Episode: Rebels From Jamestown to Plymouth, early settlers fight for survival. Tobacco sows the seeds of opportunity; the north becomes a powerhouse of trade. Tension, taxation and resistance explode into war as the rebels take on the might of the British Empire. Washington’s army is near defeat, but new weapons and battle tactics turn the tide. Forged through revolution,… Read more →

1940s Pressed Steel Pedal Car

        The timeline of the production of toy vehicles runs parallel to the timeline of the auto industry.   Both industries grew after changing to pressed steel instead of cast iron. Steel is easier to work with in manufacturing. And steel is less likely to rust or crack, so consumer goods would last longer.      … Read more →