Great Pick: Countertop Cigar Cutter

countertop cigar cutter
RECENT PICK: Rare cigar cutter. This was a counter top item in an old store around 1900.




This was an amazing find; a countertop cigar cutter.


What Is It?

There are ritual aspects to smoking a cigar that help you enjoy the taste and aroma to the fullest.

First and foremost is cutting the cap. For this, you’ll use a cigar cutter.




Cigar tube, cigar, cigar cutter
Cigar tube, cigar, cigar cutte

You’ll want to cut the cap off of the part that you’ll be putting in your mouth.

It should be a clean, neat cut to get the best draw and full flavor and aroma from the cigar. If the cap is cut unevenly, the cigar won’t burn properly.





A rosewood sided dual ended cigar cutter by J.A. Henckels capable of making both straight cuts and V-cut



There are several different types of cutters available. It’s a matter of taste.




Illustration of a nineteenth-century cigar cutter and holder. Artwork by Frederick William Fairholt (1859)




There’s a scissor type cutter, guillotine type cutter, punch type and the counter- or tabletop type.
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Back in 1999, Michael Jordan severed a tendon in his right index finger using a cigar cutter.






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